FGHP (Fine Grid Heat Pipe)

World's Highest-Performance Thin Vapor Chamber Fine Grid Heat Pipe (FGHP) is a specialized high-performance flat-plate heat piping used for heat diffusion.

FGHP Features

  • The design's superior heat-diffusion performance evenly spreads ultra-high-density heat, thereby lowering the heat density for efficient radiation, making FGHP ideal for small, high-power FPGAs and GPUs, and high-power compound semiconductors such as GaN and SiC.

Main FGHP Features

Item Description Remarks
Thermal conductivity 10,000 W/m-k (horizontal)
400 W/m-k (vertical)
* At 400 K
* Transition temperature: 40 to 60℃
Posture restrictions during use None  
Dryout limit 800 W/cm2  
Recommended heat source temperature 60 to 130℃ * At an ambient temperature of 25℃
Operating environment temperature −20 to +60℃ * Cooling-side temperature
Heat-resistance temperature 220℃ * Lead-free soldering at 245℃ possible
Load capacity 100 kgf/cm2 * Deformation under load on 10 × 10 central part
ROHS directive Compliant  
  • * The above are representative values and are not guaranteed.

Standard FGHP Products

Model No. Thickness Size
FGHP ○ 40 2.2mm φ 40mm
FGHP ○ 80 2.2mm φ 80mm
FGHP ○ 120 2.2mm φ 120mm
FGHP □ 50 2.2mm 50mm x 50mm
FGHP □ 80 2.2mm 80mm x 80mm
FGHP □ 140 2.2mm 140mm x 140mm
FGHP □ 4050 1.8mm 40mm x 50mm
  • ★ Custom configurations available (consultation required)

FGHP Cooling Circulation Mechanism

  • ①Refrigerant evaporation…Heat received from the heat source causes the refrigerant to evaporate. Evaporation is further improved by the dimple structure of the heat-receiving component.
  • ②Vapor movement…Evaporated vapors are diffused by the heat dissipation area along the vapor paths.
  • ③Vapor condensation…The vapor condenses into a liquid in the heat dissipation area. Condensation is further improved by the dimple structure of the heat dissipation area.
  • ④Condensation movement…The condensed refrigerant returns to the heat receiving area through the grooves on the wick and between the dimples.

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