Screen Mesh for Resin Extrusion

  • Screen Mesh for Resin Extrusion





    Triangular pyramid

    Drum + Belt Models

    TWC produces screen meshes for use with a variety of resin extruders in the chemical industry. Screen meshes help prevent product quality deterioration by filtering foreign matter such as carbides in molten resin, unmelted resin, and metals. As the functionality and quality of extrusion molding improves, increased filtration precision is required. TWC manufactures screen meshes of various materials, wire diameters, opening dimensions, and shapes to meet the needs of customers. We can also produce screen meshes using sintered wire cloth or metal non-woven fabric for the filter material.

    • Main uses of screen meshes:
      Resin pellet (polypropylene and polyethylene) extrusion
      Resin film/sheet manufacturing extrusion
      Spinning (polyester, nylon, etc.) manufacturing extrusion
    • Main screen mesh shapes:
      Round, oval, donut, framed, triangular pyramid, cylinder
    • Main screen mesh materials:
      SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, Zinc iron, nickel, etc.
    • Main wire cloth specifications for stainless screen meshes (wire diameter, opening, etc.):
    • Other: We can also manufacture disk filters, candle filters, mesh strainers, and other mesh filters.
    • Example mesh usages:

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