Precision Sheet Metal

  • Precision Sheet Metal

    Processing method:
    Punching + bending
    Material: C7701-H (T0.1MM)

    Processing method:
    Punching + bending + drawing
    Material: A1052-H24 (T0.5MM)

    Processing method:
    Punching + bending + NI/AU strip plating
    Material: C5210-H (T0.15MM)

    Processing method:
    Punching + bending + inner insulation
    Material: C7701-H (T0.1MM)

    TWC provides large quantities of precision sheet metal as components for electromagnetic wave shielding and heat dissipation. In particular, the metal is used for PCB shield cases, shield covers, shim plates, and shield fingers made of beryllium-copper alloy for electronic device shielding and grounding. We provide custom-produced sheets of specific materials and shapes for communication base stations, IoT terminals, and other devices. We can also provide information on how to best mount the products in specific design models.

    • Precision sheet metal processing technologies:
      Wire processing
      Laser processing
      Turret punch press processing
      Progressive die processing
      Various welding processes and other processes
    • Precision sheet metal processing examples:
      • Punching: Blanking, piercing, notching, segmentation, cutting, slitting
      • Bending: V-bending, L-bending, U-bending, Z-bending
      • Drawing: Cupping, square drawing, variant drawing
      • Molding: Burring, ribbing, embossing, flanging
      • Compression processing: Crushing, engraving, leveling
      * Processing methods other than the above are also possible.
    • Precision sheet metal materials:
      Iron, stainless steel, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, copper titanium alloy, iron-nickel-cobalt alloy, copper-nickel-tin alloy, aluminum, electromagnetic soft iron plate, permalloy, etc.
    • Precision sheet metal products:
      Grounding/contact terminals (lug terminals)
      Electromagnetic wave shielding/shield case
      Shield fingers
      Large processed sheet metal
      Clinching fasteners

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