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  • Acoustic Meshes

    Acoustic Meshes

    This product is used for a variety of applications related to cellphones, smartphones, tablets, earphones, microphones, laptops, smart speakers & general communications equipment. This product is made with SUS304/316. It can be delivered in roll or cut form or as semi-finished products.

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  • Screen Mesh for Resin Extrusion


    TWC produces screen meshes for use with a variety of resin extruders in the chemical industry. Screen meshes help prevent product quality deterioration by filtering foreign matter such as carbides in molten resin, unmelted resin, and metals. As the functionality and quality of extrusion molding improves, increased filtration precision is required. TWC manufactures screen meshes of various materials, wire diameters, opening dimensions, and shapes to meet the needs of customers. We can also produce screen meshes using sintered wire cloth or metal non-woven fabric for the filter material.

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  • Cylinder Mould Mesh Cover for Papermaking Industries

    TWC provides cylinder mould mesh cover for the papermaking industries. In sheet-making process of papermaking, a cylinder is rotated in the raw material tank to form a fiber layer. TWC provides cylinder mould mesh cover that can be used as replacement parts (in the papermaking device) for use in this process. These products can be manufactured using custom materials and mesh standards, and we can also provide suggestions to help improve the specific papermaking processes of our customers.

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  • Precision Sheet Metal

    Processing method:
    Punching + bending
    Material: C7701-H (T0.1MM)

    TWC provides large quantities of precision sheet metal as components for electromagnetic wave shielding and heat dissipation. In particular, the metal is used for PCB shield cases, shield covers, shim plates, and shield fingers made of beryllium-copper alloy for electronic device shielding and grounding. We provide custom-produced sheets of specific materials and shapes for communication base stations, IoT terminals, and other devices. We can also provide information on how to best mount the products in specific design models.

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  • Etching Metal

    Etching is done by removing unnecessary parts through chemical corrosion after an anti-corrosion mask treatment has been applied. This manufacturing process allows TWC to meet precision requirements that cannot be achieved with press punching, allowing us to specialize in products with ultra-thin, ultra-small and complex hole shapes. TWC can supply products for applications such as mic and speaker mesh for smartphones and tablets, mesh filtration filters, and encoder scales.

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  • Expand Metal

    Expanded metal is a metal mesh formed by spreading a metal plate while making a staggered cut by a blade, and shaping the cut into diamond (Standard type) or hexagonal pattern (Grating type). Various materials are used, including iron, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.

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  • Wire Mesh Trays, Setters, and Jigs for Firing Processes

    Wire Mesh Trays, Setters, and Jigs for Firing Processes

    Mesh Trays, Setters and Jigs can be designed to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of mesh materials (Ni200, Ni201, Inconel 601, SUS310S, and others) and mesh sizes (4, 8, 20, 25, 30, 32, 40, 60, 80, 100, 200 mesh, etc.).

  • Wire Cloth

    Wire Cloth

    A variety of Standard and Customized wire meshes.

  • Mesh Filters for aluminum die casting

    Mesh Filters for aluminum die casting

    Metal Mesh Filters for low-pressure, high-pressure and gravity die casting

  • Test Sieves

    Test Sieves

    Test Sieves based on various standards.

  • Copper gauze

    Copper gauze

    Mesh gauze for cleaning of plastic extrusion equipment.

  • Random Tower Packing

    Random Tower Packing

    Tower Packing Mesh reduces pressure drop through the column.

  • Wire demister

    Wire demister

    Use as an air and gas filter and for water filtration systems.

  • Fine Mesh

    Fine Mesh

    Welded square or rectangular mesh.

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