EMI Shielding Product Group

  • Soft Gasket

    Soft Gasket

    Excellent compression-deflection, good shielding effectiveness, low price fabric-over-foam gasket.

  • Conductive Elastomers

    Conductive Elastomers

    Conductive elastomers engineered for use in commercial electronic equipment where high degrees of flame retardance and corrosion resistance are needed, and in defense electronic equipment where maximum shielding performance and corrosion resistance are required.

  • Shield Fingers

    Shield Fingers

    Combine high levels of EMI shielding effectiveness with spring-finger wiping and low closure force properties.

  • Metal Foils

    Metal Foils

    Mechanical, electrical and processing properties, plus economy for commercial applications.

  • Fine expanded metals

    Fine expanded metals

    Expanded metals with high-precision characteristics.

  • Shield Line

    Shield Line

    These gaskets are available in both high performance beryllium-copper and economical stainless steel.

  • Shield Window

    Shield Window

    Their proprietary mesh system provides an excellent shielding solution for displays on industrial, medical, and other electronic devices.



    Provides optimum EMI shielding performance at ventilation openings.

  • "Cho-Form" FIP Gasket

    "Cho-Form" FIP Gasket

    Automated CHO-FORM technology dispenses form-in-place conductive elastomer gaskets on metal or plastic housings.

  • Shield room

    Shield room

    This EMI shielded room is easy to assemble and take apart.

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