Etching Metal

  • Etching Metal

    Etching is done by removing unnecessary parts through chemical corrosion after an anti-corrosion mask treatment has been applied. This manufacturing process allows TWC to meet precision requirements that cannot be achieved with press punching, allowing us to specialize in products with ultra-thin, ultra-small and complex hole shapes. TWC can supply products for applications such as mic and speaker mesh for smartphones and tablets, mesh filtration filters, and encoder scales.

    • Etching metal uses:
      Mic/speaker mesh for smartphones/tablets
      Mesh filters
      Precision springs
      Linear encoder scales
      Rotary encoder discs
    • Advantages of etching metal:
      • Using a precise photomask to determine the shape pattern makes it possible to perform micron-order complex microfabrications.
      • Etching metal makes it possible to achieve a narrow pitch shape that is not possible with press dies.
      TWC ensures high-precision machining with no burrs or distortion and no hardening of workpieces.
      Because no jigs are used, initial costs can be kept to a minimum.
      Regardless of the shape or size of the area being processed, we are able to process products with a short delivery time.
      Mass production is also possible by processing multiple pieces at the same time.
      Combining etching metal with press processing also makes three-dimensional processing possible.
    • Etching metal materials:
      Stainless steel, copper/copper alloys, aluminum, phosphor bronze, brass, beryllium copper, nickel, titanium, etc.
    • Etching processes:

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