Functional Adhesive Product Group

This group consists of 6 products.

  • High temperature adhesives

    High temperature adhesives

    Epoxy and ceramic adhesives that are appropriate for application in very high-temperature environments.

  • Electrically debonding adhesives

    Electrically debonding adhesives

    A battery, attached to metallic substrates, provides sufficient current to debond the substrates in a matter of seconds, allowing them to be easily snapped apart.

  • Flexible Ceramic adhesives

    Flexible Ceramic adhesives

    They offer outstanding thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity and heat storage, non-combustible,good dielectric strength, high resiliency, mechanical , thermal shock resistance and sound absorption.

  • EMI shielding tapes

    EMI shielding tapes

    Metal foil EMI shielding tapes with conductive adhesive

  • Potting compounds

    Potting compounds

    Their flexible nature in cured form is ideal for bonding or coating applications.

  • Silicone transfer adhesives

    Silicone transfer adhesives

    Two-sided silicone bonding tape for -185°C to 260°C temperature range,